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Service of process equipment

We service centrifuges, decanters, homogenizers and other devices.

We founded and build our organization with clients and their needs in mind, but also with our employees, their ideas, ambitions and work comfort.

PGS is a project that was created in 2017. In a very short time, we have become a serious partner in the field of maintenance services and a supplier of spare parts for food industry, environmental protection and other industrial industries.

What distinguishes us is flexibility of work and very close cooperation with our clients. We rely on the practical experience of our engineers and technicians in the technical service of specialized machines.

We cordially invite you to cooperation.

Our client group includes over 180 industrial plants in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Czech Republic.
Dairy plants
Brewery plants
Beverage producers
Waste water treatment plants
Chemical plants
Biofuel producers
Fruit and vegetable processing plants
Fat industry factories
Fish processing plants