PGS Polish Service Group is the exclusive distributor of the Kraft Group in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia offering packaging systems with a wide range of possibilities.

Customised packaging solutions are possible with the KRAFT VPS100 or ConSta corrugated board cutting machine.

The Kraft Group develops and manufactures special machines for a wide range of applications. As a provider of turnkey solutions, Kraft continually offers its customers new and additional productivity benefits.

From the idea to the finished production line. The range of services includes development, design and construction, programming and commissioning of machines and systems. All from a single source.

When it comes to packaging, the Kraft Group offers customised solutions ranging from stand-alone machines for creating carton packaging that can be supplemented with modular automation components to fully integrated, customised production lines using robotics.

Regardless of the size and scope of the solution, Kraft designs intuitive production solutions that operate around the clock, while providing the flexibility of owning the machine and sourcing packaging consumables on the open market.

VPS100 – the variable packaging solution

The KRAFT VPS100 is a cutting machine that allows you to produce packaging at the right time and in the right quality from endless corrugated board. Increase your production towards cost savings and sustainability.

Benefit overview:

  • Produce corrugated packaging in batch sizes tailored to your products to reduce void filling – stop air shipping!
  • You buy your own machine, not corrugated orders (you choose the vendor).
  • Create slits and perforations in the longitudinal and transverse directions with patented multifunctional tools.
  • Produce complex, multi-part boxes (e.g. top and bottom sections) in a single job.
  • Create digital box designs using KRAFT Box Designer 2.0 software on any desktop computer.
  • Operate the machine via the intuitive KRAFT HMI – operating the machine together with order management, corrugated board and digital design. All on one interface.

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