Process equipment service

Servicing process equipment is an investment that allows us to provide our customers with a sense of security, ensure comfort and continuity of operation and keep operating costs at a constant level. It is therefore worth entrusting this important matter to the specialists at PGS.

Our company are specialists in servicing process equipment. We specialise in servicing centrifuges, decanters and homogenisers.

Service for centrifuges

Centrifuges are such an important piece of equipment in production processes that virtually any breakdown in their operation usually prevents the operation of an entire department or, in some cases, even an entire plant.

Professional servicing of centrifuges means regular monitoring of their operation, replacement of spare parts, regeneration of worn-out components, finding optimal parameters for the centrifugation process and many other factors that ensure their long and efficient operation.


Respect instead of austerity

We do not advocate looking for savings. The word that much better reflects our approach to centrifuge service is respect.

By this we mean respect for your machines, your time, your employees’ comfort. That is why everything we do during servicing is based on a comprehensive service starting with the supply of all quality spare parts, flexibility of repair times, speed of operation and optimum solutions as far as costs are concerned.

The centrifugation of products is an entirely closed process. We can only observe what is at the input and what we receive at the outputs from the centrifuge. There is no way to see or check what is happening to the product in real time. We check the basic operating parameters of the centrifuge, such as vibration at given locations or current consumption at a given time. Therefore, a very comprehensive knowledge, experience and a lot of patience are required to properly diagnose the process and determine any disturbances. Often, it takes many hours of observation and analysis before any changes are made to the process or the machine is repaired. Only after this is it usually the case that every seal, the internal surfaces of the bubbler and anything else that might interfere with the spinning process is thoroughly checked.



A decanter in our language is also a centrifuge that works on the principle of centrifugal force. The difference is that it is a horizontal centrifuge in which the role of the plates for separation of the product is played by a high-speed rotating screw and drum. In our market, they have found wide application in the environmental protection, fruit and vegetable industry for the production of juices and purees.

In Poland, they are most often found in sewage treatment plants as dewatering centrifuges or thickening centrifuges.

Regular maintenance and service are required to keep the decanter running smoothly. Our company specialises in the comprehensive service of decanters, assuring our customers of the safety and operational reliability of these devices.

Decanters, by design and practice, have a shorter service life than vertical centrifuges and more often require the replacement or reconditioning of basic components such as the gear, scroll or bowl. This is primarily due to the difficult operating conditions and the product that is processed on them.

At our service centre, we will carry out a thorough diagnosis, propose a repair, reconditioning or replacement of parts or components and guarantee trouble-free operation for years to come.

Decanters are overhauled and repaired at the customer’s request, either at the customer’s premises or in our workshop. In doing so, we take care to ensure operational safety and maintain high service standards.



Homogenisers are devices that, unlike centrifuges, are designed to change the characteristics of the product so as to make separation of the individual components more difficult. Homogenisation is a process in which the product is passed through the homogenising head under high pressure to obtain a homogeneous emulsion. Homogenisers very often work in a configuration with centrifuges, pasteurisers and other equipment and in a single process line. They are used in many industries, including food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics. Its proper operation has a major impact on the final quality of the product.

Our company offers a professional service for homogenisers, allowing our customers to schedule and carry out an inspection of any homogeniser with us, alongside other process equipment. We will supply the appropriate spare parts and consumables and provide a professional service.

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